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Are you ready to join the Rough Riders?

In a world gone mad with magic and mystery, at the time of the second American War, a rag-tag group of soldiers composed mostly of native Americans, college athletes, cowboys, ranchers, and persons of strange and wondrous talents would lead the Union charge against the dread forces of a resurgent South. You could be one of them!

Rough Riders is a weekly role-playing game, to be based in Spanaway, WA, where the players take on the persona of a brave young recruit in Roosevelt’s Rough Riders. Not just any normal person, something happened to you which changed you forever, and made you more than human. You are a minor talent (more on the par with Daredevil or the Blue Beetle than Iron Man or Superman), but your talents are growing. You have decided to use your powers to support your country in its time of need as it struggles to survive and fulfill its destiny in a world filled with enemies. Perhaps you heard the Carnival Barker’s pitch

We will be using the One Roll Engine (ORE) system developed by Arc Dream Publishing, used in such games as Godlike, Wild Talents, and Monsters and Other Childish Things. ORE uses a ‘Stat+Skill’ pool using d10s, similar to White Wolf’s ‘Storyteller’ system, and has a point-based character building system similar to GURPS or HERO. For more information, check out How to play ORE or One Roll Engine

You could also check out our wiki, where you will find a rules synopsis, campaign-specific rules, and more in-world details.


Home Page

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