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Welcome to the Rough Riders wiki!

Here you can find all you want to know about the campaign, the world, and various rules to be used in this campaign.

The group

Group template questionnaire

The world

The Carnival Barker’s Pitch
The Event
History of the Rough Riders universe
More coming soon

Standard Rules

Core Rules
Rules Variations
Base Will

Greg Stolze’s “Wild Talents made easy” series

In 2012, Greg Stolze, one of the creators of Wild Talents, posted a series of articles on how to build Wild Talents powers. These articles are linked here.

Part 1 – Welcome
Part 2 – Hyperstats and Hyperskills
Part 3 – Flaws, Extras, and You
Part 4 – Variable Effect, Duration, and Augmentation
Part 5 – Mixed Qualities

Campaign-specific rules

Character Creation
Background Questionnaire
House Rules
Custom Archtypes
Custom Miracles

Main Page

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