Normal dice

The ORE rules system uses a 10 sided die. Unlike other systems, where you must roll a certain number on the die to succeed, Wild Talents uses matching “sets” to determine success. A set is 2 or more dice which have the same number showing.

The level of success for an action is determined by the number on the die, with 1 being “By the skin of my teeth” and 10 being “I make this look good”. This is also known as the ‘height’ of the roll.

The speed of an action is determined by the number of dice in the set, with 2 being “In the nick of time” and 5 being “Supernaturally fast”. This is known as the ‘width’ of the roll.

Additionally, no dice pool may have more than 10 dice in it when rolled. If your pool has more than 10 dice, those additional dice may be used to offset penalties to the roll, but are not themselves rolled.

There are three other types of dice used by ORE, Hard Dice, Expert Dice, and Wiggle Dice. All of these are also 10 sided dice, but they have special rules on how they are used. See the linked pages for details.

Normal dice

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