Null Archtype

More common since the Event, Nulls appear to be normal humans. Indeed, most Nulls spend their entire lives completely unaware of their special nature. For it takes something special to cause a Null to become active: close exposure to a parahuman.

While within a short distance from a Null, a parahuman will find that their strange powers have become nascent. Miracles cease to work, and any superhuman skills or attributes are reduced to their normal, mortal levels. Because of this, some parahumans see Nulls as a threat to their very existence.

A few Nulls have become aware of this fear. They have begun to preach a new doctrine, that parahumans are unnatural beings possessed by demons. In their twisted eyes, they are the only thing which stands between humanity and the monsters. While no organized groups of Nulls have yet taken open actions against parahumans, there are those who fear it is just a matter of time…

Null Archtype (7 points)

Source: Unknown
Permissions: One power
Intrinsics: Mandatory power, No Base Will
Mandatory Power:
Null power sink (Parahuman) 2ed


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