Parahuman [Custom archtype]

No one really knows where they come from, or how they exist, but the strangely powered beings known as Parahumans have long been among us. Passing through our myths and legends from ancient times, modern scholars have traced the Parahuman back to the earliest days, the days of Herekles and Perseus.

No one knows why they exist, but when the world is in danger, when global threats loom, that is when the Parahumans walk among us. Due to the Event, the world saw a resurgence of Parahumans, and many found themselves featuring prominently on the world stage or even directly involved.

It is commonly said that the leader of the so-called ‘Defenders of the Earth’, Dame Lily Jawe, is herself a parahuman of significant power, and that she takes a vested interest in ensuring those with this power use it wisely.

Parahuman (10 points)

This custom archtype is the archtype most commonly seen among the heroes of Earth in the campaign world.

Source: Life Force (0 points)
Permission: Super (15 points)
Intrinsics: Mandatory Power (0 points), No Willpower No Way (-5 points), Uncanny (-4 points) [Kerberos Club, pg.227]
Mandatory Power:
Perceive Parahuman 4d (4 points)


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