Dashiel Cortez - Mexican Knife Fighter

Born in the New Orleans slums, your only friend growing up was a knife. Now you have a family called the US Army.


Character Song: Renegades, Rebels and Rogues by Tracy Lawrence

They come from the wrong side of the track
Born a breed apart
Can’t tie em up, can’t pin ‘em down
Always clinging to some old star
They chase that restless spirit
Wherever the four winds blow
There’s another dream
Just around the bend
Renegades, Rebels and Rogues

Renegades, Rebels and rogues
Eyes of fire, hearts of gold
They ramble till they drop
Gamble till the money runs out
They’ll take any wrong direction
“Cause it’s in their blood to know
That all roads lead to another road
For Renegades, rebels and rogues

Daughters love em’, Daddys hate em’
Mama don’t understand
Whenever life deals em’ down and dirty
they just play another hand
And theres a place in heaven
for those wild and kindred souls
But they’ll be raising hell till then
Renegades, Rebels and Rogues

They’ll take any wrong direction
“Cause it’s in their blood to know
That all roads lead to another road
For Renegades, rebels and rogues


Please answer the 20 questions below for a 5 WP bonus at the start of the first session.

1. What type of clothing does your character typically wear when not on duty?
A Zoot Suit with a high waist, wide legs at the thigh, tight-cuffed at the ankles, pegged trousers, and a long coat with wide lapels and wide padded shoulders. He normally wears the main suit in black with a white tie, and sometimes will also wear a white vest worn under the suit coat. He normally will wear either a white or a black panama hat with an opposing colored hat band.

2. Does your character have any distinguishing marks? If so, what are they?
If you know Dashiel you know that even though he does not smile as much as he should he loves to laugh. He laughs at almost everything whether it is called for or not, it is simply as love for life. His eyes are another thing entirely though they betray no emotion what so ever, just that piercing gaze of someone who has seen something more than his young age would dictate. His gaze carries with it the chill of an early winter breeze, cooling the skin and causing a slight tremor.
Dashiel is normally very good about not removing his shirt around anyone else, but for those of you who have spent such a considerable amount of time around him have probably witnessed it. His torso is covered with scars and burns, it is a map work of healed scar wounds made from some sort of sharp implement and smallish round burns about the size of a cigar. If asked about any of the marks covering his torso from front to back he just simply nods and with a slight shake of his head puts his shirt back on and walks off.

3. What is your favorite/least favorite food?
Well not meaning to brag on my mother or nothing but a one of my favorite dishes is also the one that she excels at cooking. She likes to say that she learned from the greatest cook who ever lived my Nina Rosalie. When she was a little girl if my mother was anywhere she was in the kitchen with my Nina learning how to make all of the traditional dishes that she is known for.
Pollo Pibli is a specialty, not often found out of the region of Mexico where my mother and I were born. It traditionally consists of chicken marinated in orange and spices and then barbecued in banana leaves, this is normally served with corn tortillas and rice.
I am pretty sure that I dislike almost all seafood, no let me rephrase that … I can say with all certainty I hate all seafood.

4. Does your character drink, smoke, or use any mood altering drugs? If no, why?
Dashiel smokes La Jugada Cigarillos. A cigarillo (Spanish for "little cigar) is a short, narrow cigar. Unlike cigarettes, cigarillos are wrapped not in white paper but in tobacco leaves or brown tobacco based paper. Cigarillos are smaller than regular cigars but larger than cigarettes and little cigars. Cigarillos can be found for purchase alone or in packs, and are often made without filters. Unlike a cigarette, they are not meant to be inhaled but rather smoked like a cigar.
Dashiel drinks as he does almost everything else in life, in moderation. He occasionally will have a beer after dinner or when it is hot out, but normally this interferes with his rather intensive workout regimen, so he tends not to over indulge.

5. Does your character have a favorite weapon?
His favorite weapons to use are knives of course. He actually prefers Bowie Knives, as convenient as that is. Though both of his normal fighting pair of blades; are non-traditional Bowies. They have a slight curve to the blade as if reminiscent of a Greek Kopis.
The blade Dashiel uses in his main hand is a one-handed, single-edged Damascus Ranger Bowie Knife about 21” in length, with the blade curving forward and widening as it nears the tip. The blade has a reinforced spine to give it greater strength and durability, and the hilt’s wrap-around grip made the sword less likely to slip out of the user’s hand in the heat of battle.
The blade Dashiel uses in his off hand is a one-handed, single-edged Jungle Bowie about 18” in length, , with the blade curving forward and widening as it nears the tip. The blade has a reinforced spine to give it greater strength and durability, and the hilt’s wrap-around grip made the sword less likely to slip out of the user’s hand in the heat of battle. It is heavier than the Damascus blade and is used mainly for parrying.

6. Do you have a girl/guy waiting for you back home? How serious is it?
I was engaged to be married to Daphne Kahlani before problems arose. For almost 6 months before I decided that I was going to join the Army and become one of those Rough Riders people were always telling stories about. I was scheduled to leave for training in the middle of April, and I had been courting and wooing Daphne for almost 3 months with her family’s approval as well, and then things started to go bad for us. We started arguing and fighting all of the time because she was scared I would be hurt or worse killed, her family took her side in the situation naturally and when things got out of hand verbally with her father one evening things went from bad to worse. The relationship was over, seeds of mistrust and lies were being spread about me throughout the town and finally the ultimate in betrayal to me; a wedding was announced for a month hence between Daphne and a man nearly twice her age. I never found out exactly everything that was said or done or even what caused it, but I can say this now I really do not care.
Once again I turned to my mother for comfort, something that I have realized that I had been doing most of my life; she was that emotional rock for me to hang onto and shelter with; and she did that exceptionally well. She managed in a short amount of time to have me completely over Daphne Kahlani, and opened my eyes to the beauty and pleasure that was my mother. So to answer your question about whether I have a girl or a guy waiting for me at home, the answer is a definitive YES, as for what that exactly means that is something for a discussion at a much later time and place.

7. Who is your best friend in the world? What are they doing with themselves these days?
There were a lot of kids growing up in the large town where I live, but not to many of them wanted to be my friend. Kids can be cruel, honest, mean and just plain hurtful and they were all of these things to me. This sort of treatment at first caused me to retreat in shame from them and I stayed that way until my mother Concepcion finally got me to understand that by allowing them to bother me, and was allowing them to win. It did not matter what they said about her, she was a beautiful and proud woman and nothing that she was doing caused her a single moment of regret. That is a time in my life that I can remember things starting to change, and becoming a lone wolf.
My best friend would be my mother Concepcion. We are dear and boon companions in this life. We have each other and never would we do anything to cause each other even a small moment of unpleasantness.

8. What is the highest level of education your character was had? Was this education formal or were you homeschooled?
I have been educated by my mother Concepcion and my grandmother Rosaiela ever since I can remember, but in my opinion this is not where my true education took place. My true school was the streets that I ran on and learned to be a man on. They taught me the lessons of hard Knocks and how to gain respect; whether that respect is genuine or it is engineered through fear. They taught me to read and write and mathematics, I am also fluent in English and Spanish (Both Castilian and Mexican Slang). The gave me a foundation in education and for that I am thankful. The rest of my education was gained on the streets. I worked my way up on the streets, I can still remember being just another kid in mi Bario

9. Why did you enlist in the U.S. army?
I think for me it was two things. One, it was a way out of the town that had up until this point been my entire world. Two, this was a chance for me to make something on my own.

10. Do you have any enemies? If so, who?

There is no small amount of hoodlums or others in my hometown that I have pissed off or worse. The list is not short at all, and I will be working with Matthew to populate the list, so it is a clear and present danger.

11. Have you ever encountered Colonel Roosevelt? If so, what do you think of him?
I unfortunately have only seen the man in passing, At our graduation ceremony from training to be Rough Riders he attended. I believe he was scheduled to speak as well, but in the middle of the graduation ceremony he had to leave quickly; something to do with matters that will be disseminated to those that need to know.

12. When did you discover you were a Talent?
I have known that I could do things for as long as I can remember. My Nina has been telling me that she knew even before I was born as both mother and father had the gift.

13. Does your family know about your Talents? How would they react if they knew?
Yes, they would act as they always do.

14. Where were you and what were you doing, when The Event occurred?
I was in the middle of a very intense and long game of poker. I can remember it like it was yesterday, the screams and then the pain. When I woke up I was home, and in bed being tended to by my mother Concepcion while my Nana Rosiela nannered about the room, cpmoplaining to my mother that she should have working on teaching me to defend myself against things like this. Not saying that they knew it was going to happen, but my Nana was anything but surprised when it did.

15. Given what you “saw” during the Event, why did you choose a life of violence?
It is not really about why I chose a life of violence, it is more about the choices I made growing up a wild eyed street thug who made it out of the ghetto.

16. If someone threatened your family, would you kill them?
Indeed, very quickly and so very painfully.

17. How would you react if you rode over a ridge and found a group of Indians slaughtering US settlers? How would you react if they were UCCASA settlers?
Slaughter, no matter which side it is on is bad, and wrong. The mass killing of innocents is reprehensible, and to me it would not matter who was doing the killing; it would just be wrong and pointless.

18. How many people have you killed? How has it affected you?
Well, I say I have killed more than I actually have. I think the number goes up every so often even if there is not killing being conducted. I have killed 9 people intentionally, a lot more have been wounded or beat down. There is a lot to be said of the proper application of force, and most of the time it did not take me drawing my knives and slicing into people, the threat of it or an ass kicking generally sufficed. There were however those time when I had to play for keeps or defend myself, and in those situations I play to win.

19. How far would you go to protect a friend?
I did not have a huge amount of friends growing up, but the ones I did/do have I trated like my family and my family is very important to me. I would do almost anything to protect a friend and everything in my power to protect my family.

20. How would you react if you encountered something miraculous, like a baby unicorn? How would you react if you encountered something terrible (use your imagination)?
Well, they attached me to the freak squad I think. We got dark boy, some slant-eyed cry baby who turns into shadow and is so mysterious. Next we have an Indian version of Annie Oakley, if Annie Oakley could go all cold and turn into a friggin’ ghost. The best one yet is Lady Voodoo, she is just plain off-putting. She can summons these zombie things that can destroy nearly anything and the best part yet is then she has trouble unsummoning them.
So bring on the baby unicorns and the fire breathing dragons, cause if you ask me they ain’t got shit on the group of freaks I run around with.

Dashiel Cortez - Mexican Knife Fighter

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