Character Creation

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Character creation rules

Characters will be built using 205 points, using the rules in Wild Talents, 2nd edition.

Rules variations

  • Hard dice will not be used. Instead, we will be using the expert dice variant rule instead.
  • Unlike the expert die rule outlined in the Wild Talents core, multiple Expert Dice can be set to the same number.
  • We will be using the customized skills rules from the Kerberos Club campaign setting.

The 200 character points will be distributed as follows:

Phase 1: Normal human

During this phase of character creation, only normal dice may be purchased, and no more than 5 dice may be purchased for any attribute or skill.

14 base stat dice (70 points)
50 points in skills (50 points)

Phase 2: More human than human

Pick an Archtype (or build one) worth no more than 15 points (0 – 15 points)
Purchase Hyperskills, Hyperstats, or Miracles, as allowed by your Archtype (65 – 80 points)
Please note the above points may also be used to purchase normal attributes, skills, Base Will or Willpower

Phase 3: Where did you come from?

Character backgrounds, photos, and wiki pages are encouraged.

Players who submit a background or character photo will receive a 5 Willpower bonus. Players who create a wiki page will receive a 5 Willpower bonus. Characters who submit a background, photo, and a wiki page will get a 15 Willpower bonus!

All awards will be given at the start of the first session you attend.

Regardless of whether you complete a character background, all players will be required to submit a short written response (1-2 pages) to the following question:

Where were you during the Event?

Additionally, any player who maintains an in-character session journal and posts it to the wiki will earn their character’s Base Will score in Willpower at the start of each session.

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Character Creation

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