Expert Die

An Expert Die is a 10 sided die which, when added to a pool, is not rolled. Instead, before rolling the pool, the player sets the Expert Die to a specific value between 1 and 10. The remaining dice are rolled, and sets are generated normally. That means if you have a pair of Expert Dice in a pool, you automatically succeed with the task at whatever level of outcome you desire (unless this roll is contested).

Expert Dice cost twice the cost of a normal die in character points to purchase. An exceptional human may have 1 Expert die in a skill, and none in attributes. Multiple Expert dice may be purchased by exceptional beings or superhumans, so long as the character’s archtype allows for it.

Expert dice are also the first dice lost when assessing penalties on a pool.

Please note, that unlike the expert die rule outlined in the Wild Talents core, multiple Expert Dice can be set to the same number in the Rough Riders game.

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Expert Die

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