Rules Variations

Rules variations

Here will be listed any of the standard rules variations from the ORE system, along with the book and page where these rules can be found.

Wild Talents, 2nd Edition (Essentials Edition)

  • Hard dice will not be used. Instead, we will be using the expert dice variant rule found on page 20 instead.
  • Unlike the expert die rule outlined in the Wild Talents core, multiple Expert Dice can be set to the same number.
  • Characters may only have an archtype worth up to 15 points. All characters must have an Archtype. Player built Archtypes must be approved before use. Most characters should consider using the Parahuman campaign custom archtype, as this is the most common Archtype for powered individuals in the campaign world.

Kerberos Club campaign setting

  • Players may either have Loyalty and Passions, as listed on pages 53 and 54 in the Wild Talents, 2nd Edition book, or may have Convictions, as detailed on pages 205 & 208
  • We will be using the customized skills rules found on pages 208 – 220.

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Rules Variations

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